Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Should have been back by now

Dearest M & M,

I am now sitting in Copenhagen Airport, killing time before the ten o’clock-ish flight take me back home. Your mother said that you two were coming to pick me up, it would be wonderful if you did.

This week hasn’t been easy, but the heavy schedule gave me loads of information and first hand experience in the new role I am in... well that is enough talk about work ehh :)

Where to begin? The original itinerary was a simple one, BKK-ZRH-LGW-(drive to)-LHR-AMS-CPH-BKK, but due to the ‘great efficiency’ (deep breath and SIGH...) of the people who lives in Visa-land meant the schedule had to be changed to an even more interesting, BKK-ZRH-AMS-FRA-AMS-CPH-BKK, and to make it even more fun this trip was done in about 5 days.

The lake Stitch 2-1

Now back in BKK, and still recovering, although I took the camera with me but the only opportunity I had to take photos was on the first day I’d arrived in Zurich (walked from the Z├╝rich Hauptbahnhof along the Bahnhofstrasse until I had reached the lake, then all the way back passing Zurich HB once again and spent the rest of the afternoon in the Swiss National Museum), apart from that it was just a whirlwind of meetings and airports, haa haa haa, will definitely take you all there one day :) ZRH, AMS, FRA, and CPH were wonderful (what I saw of it, which was basically the airports, haa haa haa).

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