Monday, September 10, 2012

New Friends :)

New FriendsDear Matt,

This was taken at Central Chidlom, and the kids’ room is one of the many places you like to hang out while your mother goes shopping :) It is amazing how fast children make friends at your age, absolutely no pre-judgement on anything (like clothing, the way one walks :), the perfume one wears and so on).

All that matters was sharing of the ‘fun’, I had put you in one of those car thingy, apart from rocking back and forth and side to side, one was also required to navigate through a simple game that was on the screen, and you were totally engrossed on getting passed the challenge.

Then a couple of children came to see what you were doing, in a very calm manner, you just slid to one side without even looking up, allowing one of the children to climb on board and shared the fun, of course there was no room for the other but she cheered on from the sideline, so to speak.

After the 10 Baths ran its course, all of you smiled, shouted and left to find something even more fun to do :)

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