Saturday, September 8, 2012

Bow in her hair :)

SONY DSCDear Marcella,

I can see it now, more accessories than Cleopatra :), more shoes than Imelda Marcos, more… only kidding. We are still deciding which room you’ll be sleeping in, there is a small bedroom right next to ours and there is a larger room but further away from us.

The original logic was a simple one, move Matt to the bigger room, as he is older so he can be further from us, and then you move into the small room right next to us, but after anticipating all of the stuff that you’ll be accumulating I am having to rethink how all of this will work, because the small closet will never do for you in the small bedroom :)

Well, at least we have a couple more years to think of this one :)

At ten months, you are now more active than ever, grabbing onto your cot rails and standing up seems to be one of your favourite thing at the moment :)

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