Friday, September 14, 2012

All I need is the Ka-Ching :)

a992Looks like this is good time to jump back into the DSLR pool of lust and desire, lol. For the longest time I have been wanting to get back to a larger camera body. Since the D90 was stolen, I have been venting my creativity through the fantastic Nex5, so APS-C have been my tool of choice.

Within days of each other, Sony announced their flagship A99 and Nikon announced their D600, both are full frame cameras. I mean there are other FF cameras around, but for me those are either way too expensive or have too many pixel for my liking. For the first time I am seeing two FF cameras that fit with my requirement (I was going to say ‘need’, but that is just a little too strong, I mean I ‘need’ air and water, but a camera? lol).

Will probably go with the Sony a99, Nex5 have convinced me about Sony cameras, and on the top of my list of priorities are 1) Auto focusing system closely follow by 2) low noise performance. Judging by these two points alone I think a99 would be the choice. I am not going to go all lens crazy on this, just an all purpose zoom and one wide angle lens would be enough. But what I need most now is the Ka-Ching.... :)

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