Friday, August 3, 2012

Stuck in the big red box


Dear Matt,

It is rare to catch you properly looking right at the camera, so in that alone this is one of my fav. photo this year. As you can see your arm in the cast, but it hasn’t slowed you down one bit, in fact it gave you a sense of being indestructible :)

You kept (on purpose of course) banging it into metal doors or metal gates, I’d guess you just love the clanging sound :) then when I asked “Matt did you hurt your arm?”, you would look straight at me, then again banged your cast as hard as you could on the metal gate, follow by “No Papa, it doesn’t hurt”, CLANG, “see!” :)

What else is going on with you? We decided to change your summer school, with four more weeks to go. You are now back at Noddy Play Group, and it’s like you are a different person, happy again. Of course your old teachers and care taker were over the moon to have you back, although only for a couple of weeks.

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