Thursday, August 23, 2012

Book Worm

201271016331_panu@panutatirat.comDear M n M,

Feeling very guilty for not having the time to take March and Matt on a break, this being Matt’s summer holiday.

The new job is literally consuming all of my time, and soon I’ll be away for a week!

Your mother has patience of a saint, soon things should get better.

Anyway, to keep you occupied she has been taking you to TK park, the best way to describe it would be, library on steroid.

It has a brilliant kids section, as well as a good computer area, so Matt was in his environment, reading seems to be his fav past time :)

There is this photo booth that takes a snap shot of visitors then you can just send it to your email address.

Just imagine, me slaving away and suddenly this pic popped up in the personal mail box… I couldn’t have a bigger smile on my face.

2012722123533_panu@panutatirat.comAs TK Park is very close to the office, how can I keep myself for coming to see you? :)

This evening as soon as I got back home, Matt was already tucked up in bed. As soon as I walked in he turned around and said, “I love you Papa, how was your day Papa, did you have a good day?” Well all my trouble just melted away. “I am fine baby :)”

Also every morning, Matt has decided to walk me to the elevator, “I love you Papa, have a good day Papa, see you soon” WOW :) <3

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