Sunday, July 8, 2012

When will I ever learn :)

SONY DSCDear M and M,

You might as well call me Mr. Carp, actually don’t, as that would be an insult to the Cyprinidae family, for surely they all have much better memory than mine. I should have learnt my lesson when I gave Matt a ‘very loud’ harmonica, and I did, I really did but obviously I had totally forgotten it. Both of you are wondering what I have done? Oh, nothing much, I’d only gone and introduce Marcella to the darn Bongo, and now she loves it :)





SONY DSCWe now have a slight changed of routine, lately Matt have been a little difficult when going to bed, simply because he wanted to sleep in the main bedroom rather than in his own room. If we were stern we could always get him to settle down in his own bed, but since we’ve just paid a factory size bill for our latest electricity, letting Matt joining Marcella kind of made sense :) but not for the whole night though, he always wake up in his own bed in the morning :)

Anyway, sometimes when I come home late, this is how I see the both of you! I would still kiss you good night though :) I hope it doesn’t give you any nightmares :)

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