Friday, July 20, 2012


Thump-1Dear Matt,

Your mother called me just a little after lunch today (16.07.12), she was rushing out to bring you home from school. The teacher called because you had a fall from one of the playground thingy :) fortunately your mother has a friend who teaches at the school, so she asked him to look after you until she gets there.

Of course you were in tears, and so would I be too if I had fallen that far :) your mother called again once you had arrived at the hospital, and from the pic she'd sent, your arm definitely looked swollen, but she said you were laying it on a bit thick though, haa haa haa. I couldn't wait to see you at home, to see your Oscar winning performance :)

All I can say is absolutely brilliant :) the limped arm, the limped hand, the sling that you insisted on wearing to bed, even the slight frown when my hand is a bout a mile away from your elbow :) and the best of all is how you 'needed' to use your left arm to lift up your right hand, bravo my child, bravo :)

Hopefully you'll feel as right as rain tomorrow morning, ;) By the way it is really swollen.

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