Saturday, July 21, 2012

Nondht’s Birthday Party

Dear Matt,

This was your first ‘out of condo, out of school’ birthday party, and it was by far the biggest one you have attended, it was Nondht’s birthday, he is the newest member of your SHB class. Seeing you all together drives me to wonder how can your teachers remain sane :) haa haa haa. I now fully understand why they only teach you lot until lunch time, because that is all they can handle, lol. Wow, just wow, it was a wonderful afternoon, full of laughter and a tiny amount of tears :)

Again I took enough photos to fill about a billion five and a quarter inch floppy disks, and none have yet to be converted to jpeg, I am slowly getting through them, very slowly, and at the pace I am going I can only assume it will be done by Nondht’s next birthday :) Seriously, I must get on processing them, I had promised so many parents to send them out, lol, and your term starts in about three weeks, :) Better get on then :)


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