Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A mini treasure trove

Dear Matt,

We’ve been given a cd filled with your photos and your class photos. What an un expected surprise, and after going through all the photos, it looks like you have done a lot more than I had thought, I am no longer surprise why you fall a sleep (most of the time) on your way home.

wb 21 November 2011 037

wb 28 November 2011 031But having fun must be a part of your curriculum, dressing up as an elephant was new to me, they were probably teaching you about survival in Africa, and how to survive by mimicking elephant’s behaviour :) I really liked when they got you and your friends to help out organising goods for donations for the flood victims, empathy is such an important topic for me.






Chinese New Year 018It was nice to see so many photos of you and your mother :) I am hoping you’ll enjoy your EY2 classes as much as you have enjoyed your EY1 classes. Sometimes to get you to do things faster we would say “if you don’t do this, we shall not take you to school tomorrow” :) that is how much you enjoy going to school :)

Right now you are attending another school for your summer break, Siam Sam Tri, but this one is totally different, it’s a Buddhist school, there is an assembly before class each morning, where the students sit in rows for a prayer session, followed by meditation. We are noticing that you find it tough when having to interact with new friends, and tend to stay away from the group, preferred to be by yourself (we are working on this), but luckily many of your SHB friends are also here too and that have helped quite a bit :)

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