Saturday, July 14, 2012

Making your first move :)

SONY DSCDear Marcella,

All warning have been sent, red light alert have been signaled, and all alarms are ringing. Everyone is now super vigilant around you, because now at around the ripe old age of seven months, you are now able to push your little tummy across the floor, and at a frightening pace too :) First thought was to put a mop under your tummy so that you can pull your weight around the house, but your mother struck me down like a bolt of Zeus’ lightning :)

It is still a learning phase for you, teaching you to push alternatively with both legs rather than using only the right leg was a laugh, I am glad to inform you that both of your engines are now in great working order. Your mother and I are in full agreement, you’ll definitely be a handful, judging by the way you scooted around the floor.

The lady sitting behind you is my mother, and she loves you endlessly :) always watching over you when she is around and nobody else has a chance of holding you when she is around (a slight exaggeration here of course :) )

Your teeth are coming, the bottom two are just about visible now, I do have a few photos of your two budding teeth, will show it to you when you are old enough :)

We’ve been using the green seat for the longest time, and that has delayed your ability to sit on your own, because it was so supportive, this must also be one of the first photo of you sitting by yourself :) Must get fit, in preparation for when you can walk and run, because I am sure even Mr. Bolt would have a hard time catching you :)

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