Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

SONY DSCDear M and M,

Your mother is helping a very good friend on a special project, well it is just a tad more than a project, but we can’t discuss it here ;) Anyway, for a reason we can not get into it right now have led us to Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (although they have spelt it ‘Center’ rather than ‘Centre’).

The first port of call was this coffee shop (so sorry can not remember the name), nothing but drip coffee, a very different concept for BKK, of course they had to adapt their menu for the local taste, that being cold and a little sweet, but not for me though, I was there for the man-coffee, no sugar, no milk, no ice and if I could, not even water, I just want to chew the beans, lol.

SONY DSCIt had been such a long time since we’d been out together to anyplace like this, so it was a welcome break for all of us, then it was time to go home. Of course we didn’t, we were going to, but as we were already here we might as well look at the exhibitions… Why haven’t we come here before! was the first question that came to mind.

If you like drawings, paintings and abstract art and sculpture please do give this BACC a try, I’d wished we could have more time walking through the whole thing… it is so nice to see that Bangkok has something different to offer us native as well as our overseas visitors :)






















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