Wednesday, June 6, 2012

We were Amazed :)

IMG-20120604-00661-1Dear Matt,

Ten points for you this past long weekend!

Your dentist appointment was long overdue, your mother managed to make an appointment this past Monday (public holiday), and to tell you the truth I was full of apprehension.

How can we describe the last time we took you to the dentist? Just imagine an octopus with a very itchy head, and this octopus was adamant on scratching it, but our job was to stop this very slippery octopus scratching his head… I think you get the picture, the octopus almost won the last time :)

But this time you were brilliant! You jumped onto the chair, laid back, opened your mouth even before the dentist asked you to do so :) (she was over the moon).

It started off great, she took this mini pointy hook thing and inspected each tooth with it, then used it again to scrape something off your teeth.

The next step got you all funny, and it was clear that you were a little scared. She took out this flat rubber tipped drill, dipped it into this green paste then started to polish each tooth, well that was fine with you, but when her assistant brought out the suction gizmo and put it in your mouth, that was when the octopus returned (but only for a short while) :) haa haa haa, you settled down soon enough.

The last thing you hated it, the lady dentist put some orange paste into this gum shield thingy (you’ll know what a gum shield is when you start to play rugby, oh I hope they have rugby at your school). One for the top teeth and one for the bottom teeth… each gum shield had to be in place for one minute… it was one long minute for me and the nurses… :) You cried a little but willingly kept the shield in its place, fantastic!!!

At the end you got a couple of balloons and a huge hug from the dentist ;) eei eei eei :) and I was a few bahts lighter, haa haa haa.

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