Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sending it home

SONY DSCDear Matt,

This photo was taken on the sixth of last month, the conclusion of you bawling your eyes out was certainly a real surprise for us, since the event started off full of laughter and excitement :)

Living in a tropical country one would expect to see a few insects flying around, and of course one of the most common ones are probably, our very good friend the cockroach. Since we have been living in this high-rise building it was not that common to see one (lets hope it keeps this way).

On this evening, you and your mother came running to me (I think I was watching TV in the other room) all excited. “Papa there is a cockroach in the toilet”, it was my job to get rid of it (as it has always been), of course I always choose to capture it (gently) and release it somewhere else, away from the house. You and your mother was standing by all cheering and telling me what to do (didn’t help, lol).

He certainly was a big one (let just assume it was male), a real heavy weight; with a half cut off water bottle, a piece of cardboard and some cunning strategy, it was relatively easy to capture it in the bottle. Not wanting you to be scared of the cockroach, we decided to ask you to come closer to take a good look while we speak to the cockroach like it was a friend. “How are you Mr. Cockroach, don’t worry we’ll let you go soon” and so on. Well it worked, you came and took a real interest in the specimen, lol.

After a while it was time to let him go, but instead of going all the way to the ground floor, I’d decided just to let him go (well, they can fly so it should probably be fine). Suddenly, you started crying, I mean really upset, you didn’t want the cockroach to go! We said it had to go because he was missing his parents, to be honest, your mother did most of the work in calming you down, I was just laughing too much :) sorry baby :)

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