Saturday, May 26, 2012

First Sports Day at SB :)

Page first Sports Day at SBDear Matt,

Firstly I am sorry for having to blur out all your friends, as I don’t have their parents’ permission to post their pictures on the net, anyway as it turned out, the photo looks fine :)

This was your first sports day at Shrewsbury (last Wednesday the 23rd), unfortunately I was busy at work and could not join you, but as you can see your mother managed to capture some great shots (she managed to let off 212 clicks :) ), there are so many more that I can show you. Looking at the photo, you had a great time!

Since this Sports day, you have been suffering from high temperature, so at this moment you are now on antibiotics but it doesn’t seem to be working, well at least Tylenol is keeping your temp. down, we are hoping it clears up soon baby.






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