Monday, May 21, 2012

Bann Fuengfah

SONY DSCDear Matt and Marcella,

I was so excited this past Sunday, for it is not often that we go on a trip as a whole family, I mean with the whole supporting team that is always there to take care of the both of you, lol. So there were, my parents, your Auntie as well as all four of us, pretty much the full team :)

So where did we go? Because it was Matt’s BD a few days back, your mother contacted Bann Fuengfah orphanage for disabled children, hoping to sponsor a lunch for the children (under your name), we were surprised (a nice, heartwarming surprise) that there was a queue for sponsoring lunch, the only time slot available was on the 20th of May, of course we took it.

My mother took me to an orphanage for disabled children over thirty years ago, and it still haunts me until today, back then, I guessed it was less organised, and she had to prepared our own food to be given to the children. I remembered being scared out of my mind when all the children came rushing and surrounded all of us, I was around 5 years old (and a little spoilt) and ended up locking myself in the car while the children surrounded me.

It is all so different now, on our drive to the Bann Fuengfah all of us agreed that we shall decline the chance to hand out lunch we were sponsoring, I felt strongly for us not to be involved in distributing out the lunch because I don’t want the children to feel they were a charity case, this wall must not exist for their self esteem, disabled or not.

I was very impressed by the management of Bann Fuengfah, firstly the facility was clean and very well kept, the office staffs were humble, very helpful and knew what they were doing. I was over the moon that we were not given the opportunity to hand out lunch (great common sense), after talking to them, their policies impressed me even more, visitors were no longer allow to walk all over the place as some children couldn’t get enough rest that they very much needed (some being very sick).

A staff did take us to an area outside of the lunch room where it was possible for her to point out the various buildings on the orphanage ground, and she was also patience enough to answer all of our questions (that I am sure she must have answered a million times before).

Support from the public allow the children to have a better standard of living, they even have a policy to let the children stay at home and support the family with all of the essentials, such as diapers, clothes and so on. All in all we were very satisfied, your grandfather also took the opportunity to help out as well.

Soon it was time for lunch, my mother has a photographic memory of all restaurants she had ever visited, so she remembered there as a good place nearby (the last time she was here was more than a decade ago) and it was exactly where she had thought it was :) lunch was tiring but everyone had a great time.

On our drive home both of you felt into a deep sleep :) this was a good day for all of us :)

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