Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Paying Respect


Dear M and M,

In Chinese tradition, this time of year it’s the time to pay respect to our ancestors who had already left us.

This day was for your great grandmother, who had left us even before I was born, and this is her resting place.

The rest of your grandparents are else where, I believe your great grandparents on my mother side is now with your great uncle, and your great grandfather on my father side is also with another member of his family. Out of all of them your great grandmother was the only one who was buried.



It is an important day for all of us, she passed away when your grandfather was very young, perhaps even too young to remember. Throwing flowers to decorate her resting place is a sign of respect, to show that she had gone but certainly not forgotten.

It is perhaps the only few times in a year that the whole family get together, don’t forget that in the past (but less so now) the size of the families were huge, and spread all over the land, so this is in a way a celebration of togetherness.

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