Friday, April 27, 2012

New Eyebrows :)

SONY DSCDear M and M,

I think this must be a Thai thing, crushing up butterfly pea flowers and smearing it on your kids eyebrows so that he/she will have full eyebrows. I also never knew it was essential to have good looking brows, lol.

Your mother was out shopping and saw a juice street hawker, on their stall there were some butterfly pea flowers on display (apparently you can make a juice from it and drank it too), well you mother went up to the person and asked if she could buy some of the flowers. Well that person said ‘if it’s for making a child more beautiful, please just take it’ (roughly translated from Thai).





SONY DSCHow did I find out she had done this? It was like a Twilight Zone episode, your mother had sent to my mobile a portrait photo of Saonoi (LM) looking straight at the camera, of course I took a quick look and looked away, then I made a funny/puzzling face thinking ‘something just wasn’t right’ about what I had just seen.

Butterfly pea is purple, so when crushed up what you would get is this dark purple/blue paste thingy, when applied to the brows, it darkens the brows in a very subtle way, like a clown at a funeral :)

At first I’d thought it was just your normal brows, and perhaps it was the camera’s fault for the strange look, but after what must have been the fourth glance, I had to call your mother :) Of course after the reveal I just couldn’t wait to get home, and what did I see once I walked through the door?

Matt was at it too :) your mother had conned him into believing that he looks more handsome with the butterfly pea juice on his brows :) I almost had a heart attack from laughing :) and rushed straight to the camera to get a better file. Matt was hilarious, “Papa I like my new eyebrows, it makes me look handsome, Papa”. It was even funnier at bath time, “Papa, don’t wash my new eyebrows, Papa, I want to look handsome”, haa haa haa haa haa.


Well I did consider putting it on my head, and see if the hair will grow back, lol, somehow I knew deep down it was a lost cause, lol.


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