Monday, April 23, 2012

Marcella’s smirk :)

Marcella SmirksDear Marcella,

You seem to glow and full of excitement every time you leave the house :) This photo was snapped using an ancient 3Gs, so the quality of the file could have been better, but the content of you looking straight at me and giving me this adorable smirk is totally priceless, well I am a bit bias here of course (being your father and all :)

Of course I was bored waiting for your mother and your brother, who was having his golf lesson, so it was just you and me wandering around, and around and around. After having taken the photo I did what it seems like most of the world’s population is doing, posting it to Facebook. I am pretty confident Facebook will still be around by the time you are old enough to read and write, make sure you add me and your mum, ok?

You are now able to roll over from your back to your tummy very well, so well that you almost gave your mother a heart attack. We had put you in the middle of our big bed but we forgot to put pillows around you. So of course in utter stealth mode, you began to roll over, and over and over and over, after the very last roll over the edge I caught you in my left palm… wow, you should have heard your mother screamed, in fact I am sure most of the population in China heard it too :)

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