Friday, April 20, 2012

It has only been 21 years :)

Us with Ian Lisa and Little Timmy

Dear M and M,

Earlier this month a friend of mine and his family came to visit, the last time I’d saw Ian must have been over 21 years ago, give or take a few months :)

TWENTY ONE YEARS! holy @#$% :) to point out the obvious, that is 2 decades! Of course, and honestly, he hasn’t changed one bit.

The cute little guy in the pram is ‘Timmy’, with radiant blue eyes and wonderful manners :) Of course you (Matt) was well behaved too, but that was only because we glued the iPhone to your head :)

Unfortunately due to a tight schedule we could only managed this one wonderful lunch, of course what was needed to catch up 21 years, would have been about 42 lunches, 22 afternoon teas, 15 suppers and at least a few serious pub crawl sessions. Then we have to do it all again just so that we can catch up to wonderful Lisa (Ian’s real boss) as well :)

We promised to catch up again as Ian and Lisa now live quite close by (relatively to before, haa haa haa).

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