Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Going out and Coming back, lol.

M n M in the Car

Dear M and M,

For the past couple of weeks it was clear to us that Marcella prefers to be out of the condo which isn’t surprising. Whereas Matt was raised up in a real house, large garden and lots of open spaces with huge trees and clean air, as a baby he was in a great environment, but not very convenient, most of the families we know have to be up very, very early or have breakfast in the car while travelling so that they can get to the destination on time.

Marcella is a city girl, even at this age being stuck in confine space must be frustrating for her, so we take her out when we could, either to first floor with huge pool and garden or out of the condo altogether, but her life is full of convenient, when she goes to school there’ll be no need to wake her up before 5 am, just to get to the school on time (more than often we would be late). Like they say, you win some you loose some.

Marcella loves being outside and seeing different things, in fact she thrives on it, wide eye and full of smile :) She now follows Matt almost everywhere, to pick him up after school, to his Piano class, to his Golf class, even down to the pool for his swimming/splashing time :)

Not surprising you two have grown very close, Matt even offered to give Marcella his favourite pillow, this is a big deal for me, Matt and his small butterfly pillow is inseparable, he can not sleep without it, he even takes it into the bath room when he has his shower, but when Marcella is laying on the floor he would give his pillow to her so that she would be more comfortable :), adorable.

In return, whenever Matt is in the room Marcella eyes would follow him like a hawk and always smiling, I am truly hoping that time won’t change this loving relationship, and we’ll do our best to keep it strong :)

By the way, Matt would more than often fall asleep when we travel home after one of our excursion, I wish I have a bigger car so that he would be more comfortable, not that he cared of course :) haa haa haa, can imagine that soon you’ll be too big for me to carry you up to your bed :)

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